Obviously it takes more than just blood, sweat and tears to represent your country at the Paralympics and all though Gav has put in the blood, sweat and tears there has been a few people in the background who have stood behind Gav from day one and believed that he could be a world champion.

Firstly thank you to Stuart McShane, Gav’s very first rowing coach, who has been with Gav from day one. Stuart has given up all his free time to coach him. If it wasn’t for Stuart, Gav would have never have even be able to have the opportunity to ‘go for gold’.

Thank you to Rowing School Victoria and in particular Sue Chapman-Popa who taught Gav initially how to row a boat. Sue has also been one of Gav’s biggest fans and reminded him that he had to keep pushing even when he didn’t want to. Having represented Australia in the 1984 Olympics, Sue knew the road Gav had to follow to make his dream a reality. Sue has also been a huge support to Gav’s wife and daughters when he has been competing overseas.

To Power House Rowing Club. You are an amazing club!! The support you have all given to Gav and his family has been mind blowing!! A special, special big thank you to Caitlyn and Jeff for your help with fundraising to have Gav’s family travel to watch him. We are so very appreciative! Big thank you to both sides of the family – for everything! We really appreciate all your love and support.

A big thanks to Gordon Marcks ‘super coach’ who has been with Gav and Kat since 2013, sharing the ups and downs and the freezing early morning starts!

Finally, thank you to Rowing Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport for their support in getting Gav to Rio.